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Box of 5 cookies: $22

Box of 8 cookies: $30

Box of 10 cookies: $37

Box of 12 cookies: $44

Box of 15 cookies: $54

Box of 20 cookies: $74

Minimum order of 5

**Corporate pricing for client cookie boxes: email**

Can be shipped across Canada

Delivery is available and subject to a fee based on distance


Pick up: Findlay Creek


🔥 Smarties cookie with mini white chocolate chips, a brownie centre and topped with more brownie

🍪 Chocolate chip cookie with a caramel centre topped with pretzels and marshmallows 


🍓 White chocolate chip strawberry meringue cookie with a white chocolate centre 

🍪Oreo white chocolate chip cookie with Oreo filling in the centre 


🥜 Chocolate chip cookie with Reese’s peanut buttercup chunks, topped with salty potato chip pieces 


🔥S’mores cookie || loaded chocolate chip cookie with a fluffy marshmallow centre 


🎂Birthday cookie|| chocolate chip cookie stuffed with funfetti topped with pretzels, marshmallows, funfetti and caramel bits


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