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I use a classic fluffy buttercream as the base for all of my cakes and make the lemon curds and fillings at home.


🍰Classic Vanilla layer Cake ||  Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream


🎂Birthday cake || Vanilla funfetti cake with a vanilla buttercream


🍫Fudge chocolate cake with buttercream options: 

  • Velvety chocolate buttercream

  • Espresso mocha buttercream

  • Hazelnut Nutella buttercream

  • Dark chocolate ganache


❣️Red Velvet Cake || Traditional Red velvet with cream cheese buttercream

🍫Ferrero Roche cake || A rich chocolate cake with a fluffy Nutella buttercream and chunks of Ferrero Roche 

🍮Salted caramel cake || A caramel cake with a vanilla buttercream and swirls of caramel, sprinkled with sea salt


🍋Lemon cake with lemon curd filling || A zesty lemon cake with a lemon buttercream and tart lemon curd in the centre


🍓Strawberry shortcake || Spongy vanilla cake with a refreshing strawberry buttercream (raspberry buttercream is an alternative)


🍾Champagne cake || A champagne cake with a strawberry champagne buttercream

🥕Carrot cake || Traditional carrot cake (with or without pineapple and walnuts) filled with a cream cheese frosting


🍭Cotton candy cake || Pink & blue cotton candy flavoured cake with a fluffy cotton candy buttercream

🌱Vegan/ Gluten-free/ Dairy-free options: **Almond flour is used** Let me know if there are any allergies

  • Chocolate

  • Vanilla

  • Vanilla w a raspberry “butter”cream

  • Vanilla w a strawberry “butter”cream

  • Lemon w a Lemon “butter”cream

  • Red velvet w a vanilla “butter”cream

  • Carrot cake w a vanilla “butter”cream

*If you don’t see a flavour in the list please ask me and I can make it. 


Single or multiple tiered cakes are perfect for all types of celebrations and comes in varying sizes. All prices below are base costs. Additional costs will apply based on final design and flavour. Serving sizes are based on party servings.


  • 4"2 Layer Mini Cake (4 servings) from $40 -Ideal for smash cakes

  • 4"3 (6.25" tall) Layer Mini Cake (6 servings) from $50

  • 4"4 (8.75" tall) Layer Mini Cake (9 servings) from $60

  • 6"3 Layers (12 servings) from $75

  • 6" Tall - 4 Layers (22 servings) from $85

  • 8"3 Layers (25 servings) from $100

  • 8" Tall (35 servings) from $115

  • 10"3 Layers (30 servings) from $130

  • 10" Tall (56 serves) from $150

  • 12" 3 Layers (40 servings)$ 170


  • Fresh or dried flower|| price will vary

  • Macarons|| $3.25 per macaron

  • Drip design 

  • Meringues

  • Chocolate(s)

  • Custom Cake Toppers- acrylic or kraft paper topper || Happy Birthday, Congratulations, etc.

  • Custom balloon cake topper

  • Alcohol/Champagne Bottle 

  • Balloon(s) arrangement from Bundle Balloons

If you have any inspirational photos or have any questions about certain cakes on my page I'd be happy to give you a quote! 

View cake care instructions here.

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**All pick-ups & deliveries require a mask and are contact-less